A desire for things to remain the same, 2019
plywood, radio transmission equipment, fossilized crinoid stalks, fossilized pectoral fin, acorn cap, wisdom tooth, element from a discarded metal toy, Mp3 player, PCU, MP3 file containing a reading of the essay “Cloudgazing” by Helen Sibila commissioned for the installation of this work at ADDS DONNA, “Both Sides Now,” 2019


Spots along the highway where the void in the heart of the universe looks at me, 2018
plywood, car radio, custom electronics and wiring, speakers, graphite, paper, metal, rubber, radio transmitter, MP3 file of the content of the Voyager Golden Record, half of a friendship charm owned by my great grandmother

On The Construction of the Heavens, 2018
wood, dirt, foam, glass, ceramic ink, bronze, adhesive, plastics, FM broadcasting equipment, car speaker systems, custom electronics, Mp3 file, wax, fordite, rubber, silk, graphite, acrylic paint, paper, contact print, fossilized crinoid stalks and flower, dried flower, brass, fake plant

audio production and libretto by Jonah Jupiter Smith (Na Where)


88888888: The Possibility of Meaning in an Entropic Universe, 2018
wood, wax, bronze, plaster, foam, aluminum, acrylic, neon lighting fixture, graphite, FM broadcasting equipment, FM radio, scythe handle, rubber

An audio work performed by a professional impersonator and broadcast over an FM bandwidth accompanied the original installation of this work. The transcript of this piece is included below. 



Even the gorgeous royal chariots wear out, 2017
MDF, plexiglass, metal, led light strip, tape, wood, veneer, hardware, hardwood, fordite, FM radios, silk, stone arrowheads, crinoid fossils, geode, ammonite fossil, paper, ink, plastic, stone, clay, catalog, foam, plywood, cable holder, plastic glove, Weld-On, Duco Cement, photographs, audio mixer, mic. stand, music stand, omnidirectional microphone, various audio and power cables, FM broadcasting equipment, book, printed text, rubber, nylon strapping, fake plant, dipole antenna, car radio, car speaker, bronze, salt collected from the Dead Sea, wood stain, ink, felt, packaging materials

A performative reading accompanied this work, excerpts of that reading are included in the below documentation

Fourth Down / Long Drive, 2016
MDF, cardboard, plywood, ash wood, car radio, glass, plexiglass, paper, packaging materials, pull cord, suction cup, string, concrete, pigment, wooden beads, paper, graphite, ink, felt, various packaging tapes, fordite, artist book, monitor, shelving unit bracket, car keys, steel, plastic coating, FM transmitter, FM hand radio, computer power unit, speaker, insulation foam, packaging foam, high density carving foam, fluorescent light, fluorescent light housing, electrical wiring, brass, plastic cup, dried flowers, various hardware, crinoids (fossilized plant stems from the bottom of lake Michigan found by the aritst's mother during a day at the beach), video, MP3 file of Metallica’s “One”

Some Drawings of Roads, Trees, and A Footballer, 2016
poplar, pine, plywood, OSB, paper, ink, graphite, concrete, steel, foam, cardboard, cast bronze, brass, cellophane wrapping, ribbon, plexiglass, artist book, tape, various hardware